Meet the Mafia


A musician since the age of eight, Shane spent most of his early years learning how to harness the power of the tuba. By the time he graduated High School, he was proficient in seven other instruments and was ranked among the top five tuba players in New York State! Once in college he continued with music by becoming the singer in a garage band. Eventually, his band-mates showed their appreciation for his vocal prowress by handing Shane a guitar. Withing two weeks he had taught himself the basics and spent the next few years playing in a series of local indie bands. After NASA brought Shane to the Bay Area in 1997, he eventually decided to go to a warehouse party to see what the hell everyone was raving about. Three months later he bought turntables, a ton of vinyl, and soon became a core member of several Bay Area collectives including Epiphany, Viberation and Friends and Family. An inaugural member of the Ambient Mafia, Shane looks forward many things, such as blowing minds, one banana at a time. He also likes mimosas, walks in the park, robotic death, driving fast and bacon. (Editor’s Note: Mmmmm Bacon!!!)