Meet the Mafia


Steve Wishman’s love for electronic music can be traced back to childhood attempts at remixing video game music with live drum tracks and creating mashups on loops of tape. One day his friend and guru pointed out that you can rearrange the letters of his name to spell SeventhSwami, and the missionary of music was born. Swami joined The Ambient Mafia in 2006, bringing with him an eclectic mix of emotional sounds, and is grateful to have been a fixture in the NorCal electronic music scene during the formative years of Glitch and Dubstep. In 2009 he released Here For Now on Muti Music, and in 2010 he released the Ghosts EP. In 2020, after a long break he released The Cosmic Giggle EP. A regular at Lucidity and Symbiosis Events, SeventhSwami has been fortunate to share the stage with with legendary artists, and has hosted the chill stage at Stilldream, bringing new faces and styles to the forefront. After a 10 year hiatus to focus on family and career, SeventhSwami has at last returned to music production with a new Ambient Future Garage project, under a the new moniker, "Sacred Spaces." Here again for NOW, Swami is a student of compassion, a devotee of the present moment, and a teacher of The Art of Letting Go.