Meet the Mafia

Matthew Madrone

Musician, artist and DJ Matthew Madrone started releasing music in the early 2000s with George Cochrane (aka Cubik and Origami), ultimately producing several albums and EPs of downtempo, ambient and bass music released on Wide Hive Records, Dinner Party Records, and Folding Squares. Always driven by a love of improvised performance, he co-founded The Fingermonsters, which brought thunderous, barely contained chaos in the form of live techno and electro to clubs and underground parties around the Bay Area. Since then, he has continued to produce and DJ in solo and collaborative projects, along with forays into video performance which incorporate his original illustrations. These days, his dual identity as a visual artist and musician, along with a long-standing love of speculative fiction and mythology, inform textural, hypnotic live performances that are cinematic in scope, and rhythmically grounded in a passion for hip-hop and dance music.