Meet the Mafia


Seasoned design leader by day, complete slacker and audiophile the rest of the time. Ari, AKA Hallucid, went to his first Bay Area underground party in 1994, and became instantly obsessed with electronic music culture and the humans that made it thrive. Having joined the Ambient Mafia ranks in 2001, he brings a layered arrangement of rhythm and sounds (and sometimes the lushness of bleeps and bloops) to share with others in hopes they will be moved in the same way that he has. Prior to taking a 10+ year hiatus to chase a shiny thing, He played downtempo and ambient in chill rooms and campout nights hosted by the Ambient Mafia, as well as blending house, techno, and progressive styles as a guest at Freebeats events (and the most raging bedroom DJ parties evar). Hallucid feels at one with the universe when making things, traveling near and far, and spending time with loved ones… and DJing music for you brings them all together.