Meet the Mafia

Give In

George Cochrane cut his teeth in the San Francisco underground rave scene at a high point for creativity and daring in music. Inspiration was everywhere, and he breathed it in. Performing fully live electronic sets back when they were rare, George soon lit up the warehouses, back rooms, and dance clubs of the Bay Area. As part of duos Cubik & Origami (with fellow Mafioso Matthew Madrone) and DJ2, he released record after genre-expanding record. Since then, he's put his ear to work as a songwriter and mixing engineer for the LA production scene, and brought new musicality to to the nu-disco sound with his multi-instrumentalist group Wild & Free. Lately, he's playing live solo dance sets once or twice a week on his Twitch, improvising hours of new music on the fly. Suffice to say, when in-person parties are a thing again, wild horses will be needed to drag him away from the booth.