Meet the Mafia


Derek was introduced to ambient music when he was a senior in high school and by a whim bought a CD by The Future Sound of London titled ISDN. Previous to that Derek had only been listening to Chemical Brothers, Underworld, Prodigy, etc. That Future Sound of London experience was taken to the next level a year later in 1997 while at his first underground at Cyborganic in San Francisco. While there Derek heard a DJ drop one of his favorite tracks from ISDN. Since Derek was the only one in the chill room he talked to the DJ and learned that this zany guy went by the name of Boomerang. A bond was quickly developed and it was the honorable Boomerang who later brought Derek, then known as Triad, into the DJ scene by running the Quest chill room parties starting in November ‘98 through October ‘99. After that, while spitefully playing deep house in a chill room for Vlad a month later at Home Base, D.J. Fieldsoe met some whacky DJ who forgot his headphones and needed to borrow Derek’s sweaty phones. This drunkard was name Red Stickman; the same guy who was giving ambient mixes to Derek and Boomerang during Quest parties. Shortly thereafter Red Stickman and DJ Fieldsoe were spinning ambient sets on 7 utilities (4 mixers, 3 CD players) and 3 mixers. It was during these deep ambient sets that an idea of crew was developed. Immediately Boomerang, Drop (Olde Nasty), Harken, and Skye were brought on board to plant the seeds to what would become a formidable entity. Derek is blown away every day to see how well it is has grown due to Red Stickman and continues to kick ass today under currently leadership. Currently known as FieldsoeGood, Derek spent the past 6 years living in Hawaii estranged to the Mafia but is now back on the mainland. You probably won’t see FieldsoeGood playing at a Mafia party these days but he is a sucker for Reunion Parties. Deep down, FieldsoeGood owes everything he’s got to Boomerang, Stickman, and DJ Jonas Robledo.