Meet the Mafia


EXOENDO emerged into the San Francisco music scene when Rachel Farinelli Vita performed her first DJ set in 2014. She brings her unique ability to take her audience on a voyage through sounds and genres, spanning the spectrum from melodic melodies to world tribal beats, deep organic house, dark spacey moody shifts of multi-layered delight, astro electronica, psychedelic goodness, sexy juicy bass, and soul expansive sunset downtempo. With her roots in music as a singer, songwriter and composer of music, it was when Rachel studied classical and Flamenco guitar the spark for world music ignited along with her travels across Europe and throughout India. She continued to tap into another layer of music when she worked with sound as medicine, creating the somatic musical experience called Transplant Journeys. In these journeys she leads guided meditations for her participants layered with music that she weaves together with sound healing frequencies for somatic and emotional release and activation. Her happy place is serving up music at campouts, outdoor gatherings, on the Playa, and in venues throughout the Bay Area. With the shift that came with the global pandemic moving live performances over to livestream, Rachel encourages listeners to enjoy her sets while on long back road drives, viewing the passing sights or with headphones preferably in nature where the listener can soak up the benefits of being outside, steeping in the energy of plants, trees, sun, moon and stars. A DJ resident with Strategik and now so honored to join the Ambient Mafia family, Rachel appreciates the platform to keep exploring her artistry and expressing through the different frequencies of music she weaves together.

You can check out her mixes and guided meditations