Meet the Mafia


DJDIO (aka Tim Dionne) fell in love with house music in 1993, and started DJing in the same year. He moved to San Francisco in 1997 and teamed up with Paul Guido to form Locomotive and Ruff Recordings. He had residencies at Other Whirled (Saturday mornings at the End Up) and Plump (Friday nights at Galaxy Club/Milk). In 2004, he and his wife started a family and kept going for a while. During the pandemic, DIO started playing with live streaming which not only fostered his love for music, but his love for technology. As soon as in-person parties started happening again, he jumped at the opportunities provided by Unison, FnF, and Ambient Mafia. He loves playing downtempo, house, and techno, and dabbles in turntablism.