Meet the Mafia

Olde Nasty

Ambient Mafia founding member Olde Nasty (aka drop, aka steve0) started dabbling as a selector in 1995. while he was notorious for mixing different styles and eclectic sets, his work with the mafia tended to focus on chunky midtempo, roots reggae, and rocksteady/dancehall. He was a great mentor to a lot of our new recruits: whether it be introducing them to the newest (or oldest) orb track, or making them listen to Pink Floyd’s Meddle on repeat, he was always a great source of musical knowledge. Everywhere we went, if it was an overnight hotel gig, we needed to bring our own soundsystem. It was his big thing - and he'd be DJing on it the whole time. We'd bring a small speaker system and CDJs and we'd have a soundtrack for whatever trouble we were getting up to in the hotel room. Usually it involved a bong and a whole lot of weed.Olde Nasty, steve0 - you'll be missed. Thank you for being you, and for making the Ambient Mafia a family.