Meet the Mafia


Originally from Baltimore, (Robert Ashton) Bobble’s first dj gig happened in 1988 and continued through the acid house summer of love and early rave era. While in Baltimore, Bobble (along with DJ LoveGove) co-founded the high concept CloudWatch ambient gatherings which played host to a who’s who of ambient/IDM titans including Space Time Continuum, Mixmaster Morris, Autechre and more. In 1995 Bobble relocated to Atlanta, finding work at both Satellite Records and Rewind Records, while helping scene-build Atlanta’s vibrant drum and bass scene and playing all over the east coast. As the 20Hz Cartel crew, Bobble and his dj cohorts enjoyed taking over many 2nd and 3rd rooms at raves doing chillout rooms, complete with a roster of 20Hz djs, and their own visual effects artists. Along the way Bobble co-founded Verb Audio record label, along with releases (as alias Alphanumeric) on the sm:)e, and Sonic Soul labels. After retiring from active gigging approximately 2003, the urge to mix saw him return to DJing in 2012, and continuing with no end in sight. Currently Bobble plays primarily house, nudisco, downtempo and techno, hosting the DJ livestream Weekend Kickoff at 6pm Eastern every Friday.