Meet the Mafia

Boomerang Fidget

Peter, Pee-Pee, Peeps, Booms, Boomy, the Blue Stickman, Kid Boomerang Fidget. No matter who you knew him as, he was always a consummate gentleman. Kind, compassionate, giving, and humble, Peter was the person who all of us have aspired to be. As the main inspiration for the formation of the Ambient Mafia (and a co-founder and steadfast contributor) Peter could always be found lugging sound gear, hanging decorations, or pushing a broom, all with a smile on his face with time to have a chat, a smoke, and a hug. But it was Boomerang’s incredible MCing ability that was the cream that always rose to the top. His flows, laid smoothly atop his perfectly edited beats, brought many to ecstatic tears of joy and had the room jumping and thumping, always wanting more. Peter was taken from us all too soon. He was family to the Mafia, he was family to everyone. Boomy never half-assed it: if you were his friend, you were his friend for life. Peter personified love: love for the community, for his family and friends, for the random person on the street. If you have love in your heart, then there will always be a piece of Boomerang within you. May you rest in peace, brother. We miss you and love you.